• Are inmates searched during visits?
• What can inmates bring to the visitation center?
• Can my dad bring his poodle?
• Is it possible for a person yo visit a famous criminal?
• What is the procedure for visiting an inmate on Death Row?
• Will my visitors and I have privacy
• Can pre-trial and holdover inmates have visits?
• Can I have visitors if I get sick and have to go to the hospital?
• What are the chances of my chronically ill relative receiving an 
early release?
• If I get thrown in The Hole (slang for Special Housing Unit) can I still
have visits?
• Which inmates may be subjected to no contact visits?
• Are there vending machines in the Visitation Center for drinks
and snacks?
• What rules will my visitors have to follow while visiting?
• Are there special restroom rules?
• What happens if the visitation center becomes overcrowded?
• What do visitors do during inmate count times?
• Do situations ever arise that force the visitation center to 
close prematurely?
​• What is the parking situation?
• Are inmates or their families ever charged money for visits? 
• What if I cannot afford postage to mail out visitation forms?
• What if I don’t want any visitors?
• What are “special visits”?
​• Family visits: Attorney visits:  
Business Visitors:    
Consular Visitors:   
Representatives of Community Groups:   
Clergy and minister of record:   
Law Enforcement:   
Special visits on non-visiting days: 
• Who must I see to arrange a special visit?
• What is PVS?
• Can I have visits from the news media?​
• Can I change my visitation list (add or delete people) as time 
goes on?
​• What if I am transferred from one facility to another, will my 
visitation list go with me or will I have to start over? 
• My mother is in a wheelchair can she visit? ​
• What if staff members, at the visitation center, are belligerent, 
discourteous jerks?
• Can I have pictures taken with my visitors?​

• FCC Allenwood 
• Atwater
• Big Spring​
• Butner 
• Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center 
​• Colemen
• U S P Florence 
• FCC Forrest City
• Hazelton Secure Female 
• Houston 
• Jesup Federal Satellite Low Security 
• Lexington Federal Medical Center 
• FCC Lompoc
• Los Angeles Federal Metropolitan Detention Center
• Montgomery 
• FTC Oklahoma 
• Tallahassee 

This is a black and white soft cover book that is 8½" X 11".  It contains 110 pages of information.

• How often can I have visits?
• Who can visit? 
• Where can my visitor get help with directions to the facility? 
• What are the procedures for attorney visits? 
Multiple Client Visits Attorneys: 
Attorneys without Attorney  Identification: 
Foreign Attorneys: 
Co-Defendant Meetings: 
Separation Orders: 
Non-Attorney Entry:
• Where can I find the legal nuts and bolts concerning the Bureau of 
Prisons policies?
• Can a process severer serve papers to federal inmates?
• Who cannot visit? 
• How soon after I arrive at prison can I start getting visits? 
• How will I get a visitation list? 
• What is the definition of “immediate family member”? 
• What is the definition of a “spouse”; can my common law
wife/husband visit?   
States that recognize Common Law Marriage:  
State-by-State requirements to form a common law  marriage:
• What are the definitions of “Parents” and “Children”? 
• Are there any restrictions on children coming to visit? 
• Do visitations centers have play areas for children? 
• What sort of background check will be done on my visitors?
​• Which holidays are recognized in federal prison? 
• How many friends and relatives can visit at one time? 
​• Can a visitor visit more than one inmate at a facility?​
• Can my visitors leave the visitation room and come back later​
that day?
​• What is a “split visit”?
• What if someone shows up for a visit who is not on my list? ​
• What sort of ID will visitors need to bring?   Invalid IDs:
• Is there a dress code for visitors? 
• Can my visitors wear religious headwear?
• Can I wear religious headwear to visits? 
• What things can my visitors bring to the visitation center?
​• What things should visitors never bring? 
• What happens if visitors accidentally bring in an unacceptable item? 
• What is the Parenting Program? 
• Can my sleazy cousin sneak in a little heroin? ​
• Will my visitors be searched?
• What if my visitor does something that causes them to be removed
​• from my list?