106). John Patrick, Clint Phillips, Sean Baily
107). Jimbo Wallace, Lori McCormick, Johnny McNabb
108). Kelvis 
109). Charlie Sexton
110). James Tracy
111). Paul Sessums AKA Martian, Heather McCord 
112). Craig Merritt
113). Miss Binary Fission of Austin
114). Satan's Cheerleaders, Austin: Priss E. Bitch, Jenny Bailey, Brandi Soules, Shawn
115). Satan's Cheerleaders, Austin: Priss E. Bitch, Jenny Bailey, Brandi Soules, Shawn
116). Satan's Cheerleaders, Austin: Priss E. Bitch, Brandi Soules, Shawn, Jenny Bailey
117). Doug, Shane, Billy
118). Randy "Biscuit" Turner
119). Big Boys: Chris Gates, Biscuit, Rey Washam, Tim Kerr
120). Big Boys: Tim Kerr, Biscuit, Chris Gates,
121). Big Boys: Tim Kerr, Rey Washam,
122). David Yow
123). Davy Jones, Terri Laird with Bill Barminski
124). Glenn Fudge with Jukebox and Bill Barminski
125). Johnny Rat, Dino Lee
126). Bill Barminski
127). Texas Terri at Assassins in Dallas
128). Suzi Gardner, Texas Terri
129). Suzi Gardner, Texas Terri
130). Kristi Sanders
​131). Maria Cotera, Tara Mastrodonato
​132). Karen Paperno
133). Clockwise from 12 o-clock: Dotty Farrell AKA “Shoe”, Zigouri W., John Hawkins, a young
criminal dancing his way straight to hell, Gary Chester, an atom-bomb protester, Robbie
Jacks (the taller individual) posing with someone’s son
134). Clockwise from 11 o-clock: Spot, Robin, Billy Pringle, David “Nobody” Duet, James Hughes
AKA Prince
135). Clockwise from 11 o-clock: Barbara Lambert, with Valerie Yoder, Kathe Hashimoto & Sean
Hopper, Phillip Major, Allison Johnson, Bill Longhorse, Bethany A., John Slate & Lucinda
Simmons, Sheila Cepero, Bill Daniel
136). Clockwise from 11 o-clock: Greg Towle, Aaron Berlin, Michael Morris, Rebecca, Stacy Dawson,
​ Christian Elliott
137). Center Artwork by Greg Contestabile ALA  Ozone, Clockwise from 11 o-clock: Richard Wayne
Paul, Suzy Crofts, Kevin Dixon, David Bindler, Phil Bennison AKA Homer Henderson, Mark C.
Merchant, Laura Mabry), Eddie Winterhawk, Adam Kobetich
138). Center Artwork by Greg Contestabile AKA Ozone, Clockwise from 11 o-clock: Mary Mesh,
Annex Song, Janice Butler & Linda, Brigitte Bardot’s hot young granddaughter, Derek Smith
with his little bitch, Brooks Tuttle & Sky, Mr. Mojo Risin
​139) Clockwise from 11 o-clock: Jeff Martin, Rachel Ockels, Stace Maples, Richard Garcia & Marie
Earley, Rusty, Jennifer D., Morrissey & Sharon Goldberg, Janet Hammer
140). Artwork by Greg Metz at Club Dada in Dallas, top level: Mickey Mcguire, Joni Linton, middle
level: Mosquito and Dave Dude, bottom level: Kim Pendleton, David Alkire
141) Clockwise from 11 o-clock: Heather Cohlmia, Kevin Bullard & Whitney Chapman, Leslie, a cute
little gurly-o, Marvin (lower person) with his friend (upper person) who happens to be a
​ famous artist, Russell T
​142). Kristi Sanders
143). Tony Alba, Rachel Bates
144). A beautiful Disturbo-Girl with the stunning Beth Gibbons
145). Beth Gibbons, Kaati Brehm
146). Kaati Brehm
147). Andee Brown, Alex Crow (AKA Alex Cuervo)
148). Andee Brown
149). Ari Asch
150). Audra Dollar 
151). Kris Wheat, Trippy Thompson
152) Typhane Geer
153). Dave Dude, Brian 
154). Colleen Morgan
​155). Barbara Joiner
156). Bobby Soxx
157). Jim Heath
158). Leroy Shakespeare
159). Jeffrey Liles
160). Rachael Strauss, Cristina McLean
161). Beth Amire-Leach
162). Donny Moda
163). Barbara Lambert
164). Michelle Tillaman, Twilla, Barbara Lambert
165). Marie Earley, Laura mabry
166). Felicia Cox
167). Rebecca 
168). Dallas’s notorious Zebra Girl
169). Jason Cohen
170). Kelly Keys, Joe "Christ" Linhart, Sharon Fletcher
171). Russell Hobbs, Aaron “Little A” Asch
172). Kym Anthony with the Children of the Darned (Kym A. is no relation to these adorable
173). Eden Benzer with two Disturbo-Aliens
174). Lee Roy Chapman, Tina 
175). A group of young carolers getting into the Christmas spirit
​176). A pair of hallucinations (foreground) with Jennifer Eakin
177). Jennifer Eakin, Goober’s son, a nameless onlooker who just happened to be in the area
178). Hansel-Von-Quenzer, Father Johnson from the local parish, some homeless dude that claims
to be a prize fighter
179). Julie and Barbara Lambert
180). Michael Walker, Giggles and Chuckles, the conjoined twins
181). Satan Claus
182). Jason Cohen
183). The infamous Monkey Boy of Dallas being groomed by his trainers as Gary Gilmer strolls by
184). The Shower Boy … he’s very hygienic 
185). Mouse (on left) with a young starlet being entertained by Robert Knott 
186). Missy Snake Charmer at Disturbathon (Dallas)
187). Pablo Picasso struts his stuff with Eddie Haskell 
188). Lydia Lunch, artwork by Ben Livingston (neon artist in Austin)
189). The Disturbo-Murderess
190). Lil’ Devil (the gorgeous blonde) and Amie Campbell (the extremely desirable amazonian)
surrounded by adoring fans
191). Lil’ Devil with The Beaver
192). Jerry Mathers with Lil’ Devil
193). Vanessa AKA Athena Fatale giving instruction to Mr. Lonely Boy
194). Vanessa AKA Athena Fatale and Mr. Lonely Boy, round two
​195). Janice Butler
196). Janice Butler
197). Janice Butler
198). Sadistic Sunday / Skin Cage performance artists
199). Sadistic Sunday / Skin Cage performance artists
200). Sadistic Sunday / Skin Cage performance artists
201). Hash Palace: Greg Towle, Aaron Berlin, Richard Wayne Paul, rockin’ out ​for Becky Holland (in
​ foreground)
202). Alice Lee
203). Alice Lee
204). Al Davis, Danamal
205). Artwork by Turner VanBlarcum with two of Dallas’s finest at Club Clearview
206). Patrick Roznovsky and Miss Frenchie
​207). Texas Terri, Aaron “Little A” Asch
208). Bill Lowell (in center) shown here with Lisa and Lisa, a pair of very nice twins
209. Tom Mooney (center) with Little Miss Goodie Two-Shoes
1). The Hot Klub in Dallas, Vicky S. & Barbara 
2). Club Foot in Austin with The Cold from New Orleans: Barbara Menendez, Vance DeGeneres, Chris Luckette, Kevin Radecker, & Bert Smith.
3). Helen McDonald, Tomas, & Shirley Temple
4). The Minutemen on stage at The Twilight Room in Dallas, Greg 
5). Davy Jones & Edwin at The Continental Club in Austin
6). A crowd at Liberty Lunch in Austin
7). Johnny Jukebox at The Ritz in Austin
8. Barbara Lambert, Charlie Gilder  & Valerie Yoder at ​The Bar of Soap in Dallas
9). Stuart Laurence and Richie Turner (both from Agony Column), Zigouri W. at The
Cannibal Club in Austin
10). Christin Cobb with Clay Austin & Heather Kitsoulis at Club Clearview in Dallas
11). The Skin Byrds at The Honest Place in Dallas
12). Mikey Hawkins & Greg Winslow at Slipped Disc in Dallas
13). The Arcadia Theater and Assassins (clothing store) in Dallas
14). Amy Midden at Arcadia Theater in Dallas15).
15). Reverend Horton Heat: Jim Heath, Jimbo Wallace & Taz Bentley at Trees in Dallas
16). Michael Soden, Ceaser, Jasmine at Stark Club in Dallas
17). Bobby Soxx and a couple other dudes at Major Theater in Dallas
18). Ursula Jones, Maria Price & Hector Fontecha at Orbit Room in Dallas,
19). Angie Bullard (left) and Rebecca (right) modeling at Video Bar in Dallas
20). performance artists at Club One in Dallas
21). Jimbo Young, Jeff Pinkus, Zigouri W. and Rey Washam at Henry’s Bar & Grill in Austin
22). Chuck Black, Mike Laughlin & Miles Haden Galaxy Club in Dallas
23). Emos in Austin, from nine-o-clock: Michael Scovil, Dylan Ferhle, Eamon Henson, Brian
“Be Bop” Ward, Derek Smith, Lipz Howard
24). Clockwise from 11o-clock: Eamon Henson, Dylan Ferhle, Brian “Be Bop” Ward, Derek
Smith, Lipz Howard, Mike Scovil
25). The Chainsaw Kittens: Clint McBay, Tyson Todd  Meade and Trent Bell from Norman
​ Oklahoma, at SXSW in Austin
26). Nate Nate Fowler, Kitty Diamond
27). Michelle Tillaman, Barbara Lambert, Twilla
​28). Jason Cohen & Jason Wolford
29). Ralph Wildman with a friend at Bar of Soap In Dallas
30 William Garcia, Roddy Miller, Tressa
31). Andrew Gonzales AKA Pagoda, Taz, Tony Barsotti
32). Paul Quigg, Alisha A, Carol Graham
33). Greg Dulli, Criss Savage, Jeff Boley
34). Beth, Earl Harvin
35). Janice Butler, & Linda
36). Holly Jefferson with Faye Dunaway’s stunt double
37). Ricky Pearson, & Chuck
38). David Quadrini, Darren Ryan, Laura Burt
39). Oliver Pecker, James Stone, Pat Jones
40). Michael Marco (the tall man with the cigarette) with his street gang known as “The
​ Chimney Sweeps”
41). Hank Tolliver, Paula, Ralph Wildman
42). Craig Johnson, Jeff Newton, Crash
43). Paige, Typhane Geer, Clint Phillips
44). Thom Tex Edwards, Paula, Jason Sanderson
​45). Mike Vanderheiden, Jason Johnson
46). Vince Smith, Greg Contestabile
47). Garett Staley, Martha Baxter
48). Brian Peterman, Mike Noyes
9). Jason Ezell with a local visionary
50). Sylvia Logan, Joe Howington
51). Ken Neary, Lisa Landeck
52). Trish Booten, Mark Ridlen, Melissa Merryman
53). Turner VanBlarcum, Deirdre Ditmer  
54). Carla Curtis, Sylvia Logan, Heather Cohlmia, Kim Beaty
55). Mark Cotton, Mali Azima, Phillip Walker
56). Errin, Ike Fedak, Helen Stark
57). Domingo Leija, Isabel Lopez, Teri Matheny
58). Vicky Perez, Kitty Diamond
59). The Saran Wrap Siren of Dallas (on right) is standing next to
Paul "Mouse" Millender (in the hat) who is clutching the sexy blonde,
next to her is a nice man who just happens to have been there. 
60). Chuck Black and Larry
61). Babe in the Woods is shown with Vanessa F.
62). Sharon Goldberg (the good looking woman in center) flanked by bodyguards
63). Terry Lehman, Baby Gurl, Eddie Winterhawk
64). Rachel King, Julia McLain
65). Kelly Matus, Peter Schmidt, Felicia Cox
66). Richard Stell, Stace Maples, Rebecca
​67). Eddie "James Brown" Ellis, Jason Sanderson, Eric Heim
68). Big Steve and Lori McCormick pictured here with some friendly passerby
69). Richard Garcia, Rob Villarreal and Davy Crockett
70). The Big Bopper hanging with Jason Sanderson
71). Billy Smith and Keith Underwood (in the foreground) with Bill the Swill; the tall
fucker in the background with his parasitic twin who hates work
72). Charlie's Devils shown with Turner VanBlarcum
73). Heather (the central dragon lady in the foreground) encircled by a cadre of
performance artists 
74). Paul Quigg, Todd, Allison Green, Andrea 
75). Lisa B., Kriss Dix, Lydia Russell
76). Keely, Chris F., Mia
77). Delayne Frohnapfel, Rachael Strauss, El Rubio, Louis Howard
78). Terry Lehman and Garett Staley pictured next to Tattoo Tigger
(the bearded fella) who’s accompanied by a couple of his handlers
79). Johnny Cantu Rocco, Danimal, Derek Smith, Vince 
80). Eamon Henson, Leroy Chapman, Derek Smith
81). Jenna Lumis, Michelle Gasky, Amy Crosby, Ellie Tippit at The Bar of Soap
82). Michelle Tillaman
83). Ari Asch, Joseph Howington, DeAnna Anderson, Rebecca Butler
84). Helen Stark, Seanell Brockelbank, Vicky Perez
85). Twilla and Barbara Lambert at Schizo (punk rock store) in Fair Park, Dallas
​86). Shannon Toy, Hank Tolliver
87). Billy and his wife
88). The Mystery Vamp of Parry Avenue (Dallas)
89). Turner VanBlarcum and his church deacon shown next to Barry Kooda
90). Gina B., with Rack of Ribs
91). Scott Cooksey
92). Bridgette Louden 
93). Cynthia Hansen
94). Cynthia Hansen, Mark Schafer
95). Cynthia Hansen, Mark Schafer, Christina Climer
96). Christina Climer with Baby Barr
97). Tim Stile, Mark Shafer
​98). Undercover agents posing as rock ‘n’ roll fanatics with Ian Beach (on far right)
99). A pseudopod of unrelated organisms attempting to move fromone place to another
100). The Bat Nazis 
101). A roving gang of anarchists 
102). Miles Haden, Kristen Nelson with a couple of local primates
103). Jenny (on left) with The Skin Byrds
​104). Vince, Rocco 
​105). Tommy Sheridan, Heather Comstock, Cheryl B


Control Rat X
Ricky Pearson
Texas Terri 
Jeff Boley
Cynthia Hansen
Jennifer Day
Craig Merritt
Joni Linton
Trippy Thompson
Clint McBay
Clay Austin
Beth Gibbons
​Barbara Lambert
Paul Martian Sessums
​Eric Heim

​Julia McLain

Paul Quigg
Rachel King
Ellie Tippit
Jason Cohen
Greg Contestabile
Ari Asch
Ian Beach
Sharon Goldberg
Jason Ez Ezell
Jenna McDade
Amy B. Crosby Smith Angela Bullard Jennifer Padgett Heather Kitsoulis Mark Ridlen
​Chris Gates
Dreanna Belden
Derek Smith
Lydia Russell
Clint Phillips
Joe Howington
Bridgette Louden
Mali Azima
Lucinda Simmons
Garett Staley
Ricky Pearson
Carla Curtis
Maria Cotera
Amie Campbell
Alex Cuervo
Stace Maples
​Christopher Funk


Hair by Lana Guerra of Crude Things

Hair by Lana Guerra of Crude Things



​Hair By Robin The Barber (Fort Worth)
Special Assistance from Guy Carrillo (master of all)