A special note about mailing this book to an inmate: It’s best to mail this cookbook to your special inmate from your own address. If there is a problem, the book will be sent back to you. Your special inmate will love having the book when he or she gets out. 

Sending this book into a prison does seem to be a bit of a gamble. In some cases, a facility will reject it on various grounds. One customer (see customer comments/review) said a copy was rejected because it was deemed to be "racially motivating" by a mail screener. The only possible reason for this is an illustration of a fictitious Nazi girl, Fräulein Fudge (see slideshow), who loves chocolate treats. The idea that this absurd character would motivate anything (other than a chuckle) is a stretch.

The other reason this book as been returned is that it contains several recipes for making hooch.

As the author of this book, I am emphatically anti racist. I also think it’s unwise to make jailhouse hooch (in prison) for a number of reasons. Those are spelled out in this cookbook. The entire book is intended to be fun and entertaining.

Whether or not a book is rejected depends entirely on the cop that is screening mail that day. Every prison has a policy regarding inappropriate mail. The short list of prohibited literature includes pornography and drug related periodicals. Some facilities allow High Times Magazine© and some don’t. Sometimes a cop makes up his or her own rules according to his mood that day. 

​I have personally mailed many copies of Mad Dog’s Favorite Prison Recipes to inmates. In most case there is no problem; a few come back. Usually the cop that screens the mail ends up showing this book to other staff members and they all want a copy. Only a humorless, heartless, cop would deny an inmate his or her copy. Copies that have been redacted by blacking out the hooch recipes seem to have no problem. I’ve also heard of cops blacking out the hooch recipes themselves and letting the book through. 

Good luck. Please let me know if I can be of help at anytime. I welcome your suggestions.

​Thanks, Mad Dog