August 18, 2011 Otter ★★★★★
​Was checking on line for a cook book with simple ideas of something a little different to keep in our RV. So, Prison Recipes? HMmmm... This is a jackpot of ideas made up of the simplest of everyday ingrediants found anywhere, even in the prison commissary. (It is a prison cook book) From Mexican dinners to snacks to desserts. Plastic bags replace mixing bowls. Cooking dough made from crushed corn chips! Ice cream! Brownies from crushed vanilla wafers and chocolate drink mix! The art work and illustrations really pull this whole book together. This is a cook book, not a coffee table book. (Although it would generate a lot of interest sitting on your coffe table instead of the kitchen counter.) Check it out! Great resource of recipes for inmates!

​April 29, 2013 TomFoolery ★★★★★
got this cookbook for a loved one in prison. It's an amazing tool that shows some pretty crafty ways of the limited resources in prison. Examples include ways to create homemade strainers & measuring cups out of plastic containers, mixing bowls out of chip bags & how to make your own flour for baking in the microwave! Lots of dinner variety from Thai food, Mexican, Italian, soul food, BBQ, seafood, pizza, soups & stews, breakfast, beverages, ice cream, cakes, cookies & desserts! One downside was the institution I sent it to rejected the cookbook as it shows how to make "homebrew" wine which is not allowed. But was able to photo copy everything else. The person I send them too loves it & also shows others in their dorm all the new ways of cooking. I am very satisfied with it & encourage all that want to give that loved one behind bars a chance to cook some amazing food instead of the chow hall cafeteria. Was denied as a gift for relative in prison. 

​November 4, 2013 Abdu ★★★
sent this to a relative in prison but it was deemed "racially motivating" so unfortunately it was returned. From the other reviews (and title of the book) I thought this would be a perfect gift for an inmate, but unfortunately it never got to him.Great for an inmate gift.

February 19, 2013 MiniSugar ★★★★★
bought this for my boyfriend who is incarcerated in a state prison for the first time, and he loves it! He received the book with no problem, and it's really been useful to him. I would highly recommend it for that purpose. Unusal cookbook.

December 15, 2011 queenengland  ★★★★★
If you collect unusual books get this one. Each separate component; art, recipes, and writing is a stand-alone book. This will be a collector's item.Recipes are unique and the author is very witty with the descriptions. Some of the recipes sound quite good mad dogs favorite prison recipes. 

October 30, 2011 funk ★★★★★
This review is from: mad dogs favorite prison recipes (Paperback)My friend gave me this book for my birthday. It fits perfect between my vintage pulp magazine and underground comics. If I or a love one was going to club fed I would want this cookbook. It would be the best way to become the THE MAN on the block.

​September 28, 2011 Branon  ★★★★★
Prison Cook Book? I guess I was expecting a crummy poorly made pamphlet. This is big, slick, professional, funny, unique, clever, compelling, and just plain good. Even if you don't care anything about cooking it's very much worth getting. Love it!, 

September 26, 2011  ★★★★★
jett See all my reviews (Paperback)Mad Dog's Prison Cookbook is one of the more unusual things I've come across in some time. It's full of strange and funny vintage looking art with a prison twist. The imagery conjures fifties era nostalgia. The recipes are also very novel and the descriptions are incredibly witty Really interesting recipe book!.

September 4, 2011 Dreanna  ★★★★★
Worth it just for the prison hooch recipes alone! This book has many interesting recipes fun for your cell or at home - lots in here I'd like to try.